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To get those striations that are so popular today, squeeze the muscle hard at maximum contraction. Feel it twinge and burn, and you'll know you're getting the most from each repetition.


The four major components in any bodybuilder's regimen are training, diet, recuperation and ATTITUDE.

Milk each set for all it's worth. Never terminate a set simply because an arbitrary number of full-range repetitions has been reached. Continue beyond failure with 8-10 more partial reps - executed in the muscle's strongest range of motion. This really hits those deep fibers and results in better overall stimulation

There is a science to building a body. A science to greater striation, separation and vascularity. Proper diet is essential. Intensive bodybuilding training is a must. But when combined with the  info from 101 .Your bodybuilding program is definitely complete .

Have you ever wonder that the heavy, intense training necessary to increase your muscle size and strength cause micro tears to your muscle fibers. Your ability to steadily improve lean body mass and increase strength from one workout to the next depends upon the complete recovery of these muscle fibers. Every bodybuilder must overcome these physiological stumbling blocks in order to achieve a champion's lean body physique and we strive to provide the best workout info you ever needs. Bodybuilding training requires you to break the body down into major muscle groups and target each individually. They are legs (quads, hamstrings, calves), chest, back, shoulders, arms (biceps, triceps, forearms) and abs. Treat walking like the training regimen it is. Train regularly. Progressively increase intensity and duration. Warm up and cool down properly, including specific stretches. And reap the physique rewards!

In the early days of bodybuilding, competitors were concerned about building muscle size and shape. Today, in addition to having mass, champions bodybuilder need detail that makes their muscles look like a Rand McNally road atlas. The quality of a bodybuilding physique is in the details: the deltoids, triceps, both heads of the triceps, upper and lower pecs, abdominals, and all the smaller muscles at the side of the torso are totally developed. If calves muscles are your problem, use the Priority Principle to really attack them. Put calf training first in your bodybuilding workout, when your psychological and physical energy is at the highest. A top competition physique needs detailed "tie-ins" between the muscles and muscle groups. Muscles don't just sit next to each other but are tied together and interconnected. By altering your hand position on the bar, you can change the way the biceps are affected by the exercise. This kind of variation is great for developing weak points in the biceps muscles. Holding the bar with a close grip puts extra stress on the outside head of the biceps muscles.

It may be called the front double-biceps pose, but more than the biceps are involved - you need to flex every muscle, from the calves and thighs to the abs, muscles of the torso, and the pecs. If you are looking for specific exercise ideas, check out our training programmed .

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